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Spotify is betting big on podcasting right now.

It's spent close to $900 million hoovering up podcast production and technology companies over the last two years, and millions more on exclusive rights to celebrity shows.

One line from founder Daniel Ek really shows you how big he thinks podcasts are going to get:

“We believe that over time more than 20% of all listening on Spotify will be non-music content."

When you think about how much music is available on Spotify, 20% is a staggering amount.

But with just 40m of its 280m users currently listening to podcasts, you can see there's still plenty of room for listening figures to grow.

It'll be fascinating to see whether that 20% of total listens prediction becomes a reality over the coming years...

Speaking to clients recently it struck me that one of the most under-rated aspects of branded podcasts is the huge amount of content each episode can generate for all of your digital channels.

From a single episode you can quickly and easily create blog posts and video clips that can be used on your company website, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and more. AND they can be drip-fed out over time.

Many people think that once they've created their podcast episode and published it, that's where their content resides, but every episode they make can be repurposed into so much more.

Just under 11 months ago, Kieran Maguire, Kevin Day and Dap Dip launched The Price of Football.

This month the podcast hit ONE MILLION downloads.

On top of that, we also started a sponsorship campaign with Audi.

It's an achievement we're all really proud of, and it just shows how successful a podcast can be in a pretty short space of time if you get the elements right and it caters successfully to a specific audience.