Brilliantly original audio

The weekend before last I went to Pods Up North - a one-day event in the centre of Manchester for podcasters - and it was brilliant.

So brilliant I'm still recalling nuggets of wisdom from the speakers and fellow attendees over a week later.

Big congratulations to the three organisers Kate Cocker, Vic Elizabeth Turnbull and Ant McGinley. Let's hope it's the first of many.

And hats off to the speakers, including BBC Sounds boss Jonathan Wall, I Shouldn’t Say This, But… host Katy Leeson, Amy Woods from Content x10, Magnificent Mothers host Vanessa Kanbi - and all the others - for their insight and honesty.

Here are the three key ideas that had me nodding furiously in agreement...

First, it's vital you chop up and re-use your stuff on different platforms. Thinking about how to use part or all of your episodes on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram is crucial if you want to build an audience.

Second, before recording your episodes you need to plan. Mapping out what you want to talk about in each episode and ensuring your intro, outro and jingles are slick and concise can make a big difference.

Finally, always stay true to your 'why'. Once you've got the key idea behind your podcast in place - your 'why' - stay consistent.