• Guy Kilty

'Follow' vs 'Subscribe'

Really interesting development from Apple today - it's ditching the word 'subscribe' from its podcast platform. Instead, as they are on Spotify and Audible and Amazon Music, listeners will be invited to 'follow' their favourite shows.

Many think this linguistic tweak could mean more people start listening - Tom Webster from Edison Research says 47% of people who don’t currently listen to podcasts think that 'subscribing’ to a podcast will cost money, describing it as a stone in the shoe of podcasting’s growth run.

He said: “Today, Apple, Spotify, and YouTube are the three most widely used services to play podcasts, and now the word Subscribe means ‘automatically download for free’ in exactly none of them. Podcasters will have no choice but to adapt their language accordingly or risk confusing listeners.”

So will listeners be more likely to 'follow' than they are to 'subscribe'? We'll have to wait and see...

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