• Guy Kilty

Why you should think long-term with your podcast

The podcast hosting platform Firstory analysed the performance of the thousands of podcasts hosted on its platform recently and discovered a really interesting stat.

HALF of all podcast downloads are of "older" episodes. In other words, episodes that were published more than a month ago.

To me, this highlights the fact that - for most shows - podcasting should be seen as a long-term project, not a short-term one.

Too often, podcasters get hung up on their download stats in the first month, believing that this is the only barometer of success. This obviously applies if a podcast is based on what's happening in the news, but not if the content is not time-specific.

The reality of listening to audio on-demand rather than linear audio forms like radio means people don't just have to listen to the latest stuff. They can listen to whatever they want, whenever it was made.

Listeners will consume great podcast episodes, whether they were produced last week or last year, or even five years ago.

So, just because your podcast episode doesn't get thousands of listeners in week one, that doesn't mean it won't give value, insight and entertainment to someone in several months' or even years' time.

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